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Mulching mowers for KUBOTA front mowers


TMC-F mowers are specially designed for mulch mowing with KUBOTA front mowers. The shape of their housing and their flat counter-blades can mow grass into very fine particles, thus avoiding having to collect it. They can also be quickly switched to rear discharge to mow grass over 10 cm high.


  • Specific coupling for front mowers
  • Cutting height adjustment on each wheel
  • Front and rear anti-scalp rollers
  • 4 wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • 6 blades (2 per bearing)
  • Housing transformable for rear discharge
  • 90° lift deck for easy maintenance
  • Specific PTO shaft included


Existing adaptations F2560-2880-2890-30603090-3560-3680-3890
Useful power (hp) 20-40
Working width (cm) 150
Working width (inches) 60
Cutting height (mm) 30-100
Wheels diameter (mm) 230
Weight (Kg) 210
Number of blades 6 (3 x 2)
Number of belts 2
Belts width (mm) 17