Dealers area

Flail mower for 15 - 40 HP tractors


Its hydraulic arm system with a flow limiter allows to easily and flexibly remove this device, but also to tilt to reach areas that are not within reach of the tractor.


  • Transmission with 2 belts (BMD100 and 120) or 3 belts (BMD150) with a tension adjustment system
  • Hitch with manual lateral offset as standard
  • Height-adjustable rear roller
  • Cast iron gear box with integrated free wheel
  • Rear anti-projection flap
  • Rotor equipped with 30 x 5 mm Y-shaped flails or 40 x 6 mm Y-shaped flails on shackles (OPTION)


Useful power (hp) 15-20
Working width (cm) 103
Working width (inches) 41
Weight (Kg) 150
Number of knives 60 (30x2)
Knives type Y montés
sur vis
Number of belts 2
Max lateral offset (cm) 14