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Grass collectors with high discharge system


Grass collectors with a high-discharge system can discharge waste at a height of over 2 metres. Designed based on the TURBO LD, their large capacity container is made of composite material. The suction performance of the 6-bladed turbine allows grass and dead leaves to be collected in difficult conditions. The belt transmission with centrifugal clutch and a PTO shaft with free wheel makes them safe and flexible to use.


  • Universal 3-point hitch
  • Container discharging up to a height of 205 cm and hydraulic door's opening system (2 double acting distributors are necessary)
  • Ø 400 mm turbine with 6 blades
  • Ø 200 mm suction hose
  • Transmission with centrifugal clutch
  • PTO shaft with free wheel included


Useful power (hp) 17 - 25
Weight (Kg) 270
Capacity (liter) 530
Max discharge height (cm) 205
Turbine diameter (mm) 400
Number of blades on turbine 6
Hose diameter (mm) 200