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Mulching mowers

front mount on 20 - 40 HP tractors


These mowers are designed for professional maintenance of green spaces. They are intended to be hitched to the front of 20 to 40 hp compact tractors or at the rear of reverse-drive tractors (such as CARRARO, FERRARI, BCS, etc.) on a PTO at 540, 100 or 2000 rpm. They are specially developed for mulch mowing. The shape of their housing and their flat counter-blades can mow grass into very fine particles, thus avoiding having to collect it. They can also be quickly switched to rear discharge to mow grass over 10 cm high.


  • 3-point hitch
  • Cutting height adjustment on each wheel
  • Front and rear anti-scalp rollers
  • 4 wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • 6 blades (2 per bearing)
  • Housing transformable for rear discharge
  • Available in 540 rpm, 1000 rpm and 2000 rpm versions.


Useful power (hp) 20-40
Working width (cm) 150
Working width (inches) 60
Cutting height (mm) 30-100
Wheels diameter (mm) 230
Weight (Kg) 220
Number of blades 6 (3 x 2)
Number of belts 2
Belts width (mm) 17