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Leaf vacuums on customfit trailer

CE homologated

400MS CR

They have the same technical characteristics as the 400 MS models suitable for dropside mounting. With a 500 kg suspended axle, they comply with the Highway Code and do not require a separate registration certificate (registration plate of the towing vehicle). The articulated drawbar fully adapts to the vehicle hitch. A ring can be fitted instead of the ball coupling as an option. The customfit trailer facilitates implementation of the leaf vacuum and increases productivity for the user.


  • Leaf vacuum identical to the 400MS models
  • Homologated customfit trailer equipped with tail lights
  • Height-adjustable articulated drawbar fitted with a ball coupling and jockey wheel
  • Storage tray
  • Safety interlock preventing start-up
  • 40A-12V battery not included (on models 400MS 13HE and 16VE), max. dimension 28 x 18 x 18 cm


Overall dimension (cm) 260 x 155 x 200
Weight (Kg) 280
Turbine diameter (mm) 400
Number of blades on turbine 6
Hose diameter (mm) 200
Hose length (m) 5
Engine brand Honda
Engine power (HP) 13
Engine start Manuel
Sound power (dBA) at 3600rpm 110
Suction flow (m³/min) 210
Max speed (mph) 87